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Gassini is a furniture procurement company based in Hong Kong. Our services include brand furniture imports, sofa reupholstery and the installation and dismantling of imported furniture. Our upholstery business has been established for over 20 years, covering all your household upholstery needs. We specialize in living room upholstery, dining room upholstery, and more, utilizing our highly experienced upholsterers and sewing machinists.

We collaborate with interior designers, construction contractors and offer competitive prices.

Please check our website regularly for more product information. If you have any price inquiries, feel free to contact us via email or WhatsApp.

本公司的業務範圍包括進口品牌傢俬採購、梳化翻新、進口傢俱專業安裝、拆卸或存倉 …... 等。本公司超過20年經驗的裝潢和縫紉技術工,涵蓋了客人家居家私翻新的各種需求。


我們與室內設計師, 建築公司合作,提供有競爭力的價格。



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